Perspective Copy/Paste of Properties (Value,Object/Array)

When I try to copy and paste or right click and use the duplicate command on a value, object, or array in the property editor, it does not copy the binding on the element. In the attached screen shot, “key” was duplicated to key-1 and the binding did not come with it.capture123

When you’re copying an element in the property editor, you’re copying the raw JSON that defines it exactly. (You can paste it into a text editor to see)

To copy the binding, right click on the item and select “Copy Binding” and then right click on where you want the binding and do “Paste Binding”


Thank you- This is definitely helpful, but not exactly what I was hoping for as it is another step.

Then what you’re looking for simply isn’t possible, bindings and the data being copied by the “Copy” action are completely separate.