Perspective Corner Priority

Is there any way to change the “Corner Priority” setting through scripting?

I want to change this setting if the user is on a mobile device or on a desktop.
I’m using a breakpoint container so I know when the mobile button is clicked to toggle the dock so then I want the corner priority for that window to be “left-right” and when it’s on desktop, I want it to be “top-bottom”.

Is there any way to achieve that?

Doesnt look like it at first sight.

You could use a theme.css media css to overwrite the styles that cause the docks to order…
Thats gonna be a bit of work tho, and not very dynamic since you cant realy get the width and number of docks in here.

This worked for me kinda. Hiding the left dock does not move the top dock to the left tho…
(notice the calc, the -150 has to be the width of the left and right dock combined)
You probably can work around that too, but thats gonna be a lot more work xd

@media only screen and (max-width: 600px) {  
  .docked-view.docked-view-left, .docked-view.docked-view-right { 
    height: 100% !important; 
    top: 0px !important; 
  .docked-view.docked-view-top, .docked-view.docked-view-bottom { 
    left: 150px !important; 
    width: calc(((100% - 150px) - 0px) - 0px) !important;