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Hi, I have a change script wrote on a parameter in perspective. Without going into too much detail, this parameter is just an index parameter for table rows. In the script I extract values from the current selected row which then checks if a Boolean memory tag is true or not. The script then is meant to write the bool value to a custom property (also a bool) I created in perspective which I plan on using to complete a task. Let’s assume my script is correct. It should update the custom properties Boolean value in real time. However, no matter what I try the custom property won’t update unless (it reads true and) I leave the container (number I am in) then go back to that container (number). It almost works as I expected. I just want the custom property to turn true when the memory tag is true without having to jump in and out of containers. I guess my question for anyone that can understand my rambling is “is it possible to do what I am trying to do?” I haven’t supplied any of my code as I would like to get this done myself without being shown. Do you think what I am trying to do is impossible within Ignition?

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Hi, Stephen, and welcome to the forum.
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Let's not.
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Is something else writing to it or have you got a binding on it?

We can give you hints if you supply the code.



Hey @Stephen_McDonagh,

Sharing script snippet will really help. Secondly, what I have observed is that sometime tag update is slower process as compared to custom property update. You might need to look from this angle, that when the change script triggers at that point what are the values of the variables involved.

One more approach would be to apply the same logic using expression binding, they are generally easy to handle and way more easy to debug.

Saying all that, going out of the container and then inside the container, for the script to trigger, this seems like a pseudo pattern. There must be something else happening.

Sounds like you should be using a binding instead of a property change script, but we can’t say for sure without more details.

I agree it should be an expression binding on the boolean custom property, you can dynamically define the row and column of a dataset you want to look at.

I'm not sure I understand what you mean you say you 'leave' a container? Are you talking about which container has focus or are you talking about navigating between different views?