Perspective customizable "Access Denied" view

Hi all, as per object, I have a customer with strong specifications about the style of the pages, and this view doesn’t really fit with their requirements: is there a way to customize this view? To be more clear, I mean the view shown when a user doesn’t have permission to see a particular object:

There is no option for styling that View, no.

Alternatively, you could define a View which does meet your requirements, and perform a logic check in instances where Views could conceivably not be available to a user based on their Security Levels. If the user does not have the requirements to view the View in question, supply the path to your designed “Access Denied” View, and if the user has the required permissions set the path to the desired View.

You could also request such a feature on the ideas forum.

Many thanks for replying: I asked for this because I would prefer to use the native Ignition mechanism without any other implementation.
I will try to post it on the ideas forum, thanks again.

We understand the work around here. What I really wish this screen said was:

Instead of this:

Access Denied You do not have permission to load this view

Give us options to make it like this:

You must login to view this page (and have the login button right there)

The main thing which hurts the user experience (if you don’t build your own login button) is that you must click 3 (THREE) times to login with the app bar, assuming you are using SSO (more if not)


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