Perspective: Customized type in drop config in Embeded view

Hi there,

I have a question related to the “dropConfig” under “PROPS” of an embedded view. In “dropConfig”, the first option is type, which refers to the tag data type. We can use any tag data type we want, in this configuration, we’ll be able to add instances of this view whatever an integer tag is dropped on a view as shown in figure.

I am wondering if there is a way to create instances of the view based on tag’s description/name as compared to the the data type? OR depending on both datatype and tag’s description/name.

Let’s say I have 15 tags that end with the phrase “_Setpoints” and other 15 tags with the ending “_Alarms”. Moreover, I have an “Alarm” Template view and “Setpoints” Template view for two sets of tags. Depending upon ending either “_Setpoints” or “_Alarms” , I would want to open either “Setpoints” Template or “Alarm” template instances accordingly.

The reason is I have different templates for same data type tags because data type alone is not enough to differentiate in my case. If the selection of a template can depend on name/description, it would be easier to create an instance for tags that have same type but different representations (embedded view templates) in perspective.

Thanks for your help