Perspective Dashboard Displacement

Can we control the direction of displaced widgets on the ‘Dashboard Component’?

I’d like to have a column for each production line, then each widget will display a specific order to be ran. I’d like the user to be able to move an order to another line, but otherwise be locked to a specific column.

With my testing, if I move an order into ‘Column A’ then it’s possible for displaced orders to be moved into ‘Column B’, where I’d rather they always stay in that same column, just move down, since the ‘top’ would be the highest priority.

Hopefully that isn’t too confusing, thanks in advance for any tips!

I’d consider using separate dashboards in separate flex containers so that there cannot be any mixing.

That will work for sure, but I won’t be able to move one widget to another component, which is what I was hoping I could pull off.

Finally working on this again, and it seems that if I limit a dashboard to only 1 column, it refuses to displace other widgets.

My expectation was that as I move a widget to the top of the dashboard, it would move other widgets ‘down’, but that’s not happening. Anybody have any ideas?

Figured out a workaround. If I make the dashboard have 2 columns, then each widget be 2 columns wide, then it works. Maybe having a single column breaks the dashboard’s packing algorithm?