Perspective Dashboard Hosting

This may be a simple question, but I want to share a perspective dashboard with some clients over the web. What is the best way to go about hosting it? I understand you can port forward but from what I understand this has inherent security risks and would prefer to not go about this approach. If I own a domain name is there a simple way to host the dashboard there?

Hi, not really simple.

Easiest - Use port forwarding through your corporate firewall to the ignition server, use your domain name to get an SSL certificate, set the DNS of your domain to your incoming IP which is forwarding ports 80 and 443 to the ignition server. We do this with some clients and they are happy with this solution. I am also happy with this solution, but I am not IT.
More Secure - Create an Ignition instance in the cloud away from your physical location and use ignitions remote tag provider to share tags from your facility ignition to your cloud ignition, then build the perspective app on the cloud, use SSL with your domain to access this. This is an outgoing connection from your facility to the cloud instance, so no ports need forwarding or opening. This is how we do it if the budget allows for it. IT likes this method better than the previous one.
Most happy IT solution - Don’t do it over the web, let IT handle the VPN and access to the ignition server.


Thanks Roy, appreciate the help