Perspective Dashboard Setting Parameters

I have a dashboard that displays a number of very simple objects. One parameters (InOut) called selected (a boolean) can be set by clicking the view or externally by setting widget[x].viewParams.selected. When setting this param externally (via a script) it appears to be getting overwritten. I can see the object’s style change briefly to the ‘selected’ state and back to ‘unselected’. Any ideas of how to solve this would be appreciated.

Are you sure the parameter is inOut? Is the arrow located at the right side of Parameter shows bidirectional?

Try connecting widget[x].viewParams.selected to a memory Boolean having Bidirectional set and check if it still gets overwritten. If not then seems an issue with the script.

Also if you’re only using the Selected parameter to change the style based on its state, why do you need the parameter inOut? Why not using IN only?