Perspective Dashboard - Widget Bindings

I have the Dashboard component setup with several “availableWidgets” that have bindings on them. When a user adds an available widget it shows up in the “widgets” property, but the binding goes away. This is an issue for me because I’m using the bindings to pass tag paths to the views.

Is this how the Dashboard component is intended to function? Any plans to change it?

I’m running 8.1.7


Can you provide some additional info on where your binding is? is it on props.availableWidgets[x].viewParams.someParam? Or is the binding at a higher level like availableWidgets? How are you adding additional Widgets? If you’re adding Widgets programmatically through a script, then your bindings are going to become a mess because they’re set to specific indices - not specific objects.

I suspect you might still see your bindings in place if you close and re-open your View. We’re aware of some display oddities for bindings (especially in arrays) when other properties get added/removed. The next time you see one disappear, close the View and re-open it. Is the binding back in place?