Perspective Dashboard Widget Font Size

I cannot see a good way to have a widget in a dashboard have dynamic text size. Does anyone know a good way? Is there a way to see an embedded view's size or a widgets size?

Text font dynamic sizing can be accomplished with the CSS vw units or vmax calculations per several threads: Perspective dynamic font sizing - Ignition - Inductive Automation Forum But these all run off the total viewport or screen size.

A bad way, in my opinion, would be to pass the dashboard rowCount, columnCount, and individual Widget size into the widget for use in a calculation... lot of extra work.

What about %?

No. % works like the other units but doesn't actually change dynamically. In Perspective it seems all these references only pivot off the full screen or the default view size.

Hmm, not sure then. You can't (easily) get the dimensions of an embedded view which is limiting