Perspective dashboard widget prop resetting parameters to default

I'm experiencing some strange behavior when sending JSON data to the widgets prop of the dashboard component.

In the below screenshot you can see a custom value I have called json.
It contains the following string.


I then run the following value change script that decodes the json and sends it to the widget, and also the custom array jsonDecode.

def valueChanged(self, previousValue, currentValue, origin, missedEvents):
	json = system.util.jsonDecode(currentValue.value)
	self.custom.jsonDecode = json
	self.props.widgets = json

The widget's params are set to the default value of that widget, where jsonDecode has the correct parameter values.

It seems that for some reason the widgets property is not accepting the given params and is then reseting them back to their default values. Any ideas on how I can fix this?

Thank you!

Are the view params in question input (or bidirectional) params? Any errors in the gateway logs?

No errors on the gateway logs.

The label param is set as bi directional.

I tried setting it to input but that got rid of the parameter completely.