Perspective Data Entry Zoom

We have a data entry perspective session using either the mobile app or mobile browser. When we have a data entry field (be it a date selector, dropdown entry, etc,) the browser will zoom in on that data entry field. When filled and done, the zoom level does not zoom back out to the original zoom. What is everyone else doing to zoom back to the original zoom? We do not necessarily want it to go to a fixed 100% zoom because of possible accessibility options running. So we would need to record what the zoom is currently at before the data entry was used.

Stay over 16px I suppose to avoid this…

But so far not finding a way to change it in the search field.

So to answer our own question, you go into the CSS for the component and change it there. I would like to see this as default (font-size:1rem) and if you really want to change it, then you can do this. In the meantime:

.ia_inputField {
font-size: 1rem;
color: var(–neutral-90);
border: var(–containerBorder);
background-color: var(–input);
padding: 0px 0.5rem;
border-radius: var(–borderRadiusInput);
for DateTimeInput component (input-field.CSS)


.ia_dropdown__search {
color: var(–label);
font-size: 1rem;
for Dropdown (ia_dropdown.CSS)

This was taken from “light” theme. You will need to create your own theme with the instructions to do so in the readme in the themes folder under data/modules/com.inductiveautomation.perspective/themes