Perspective: data update after network connection restore


We have Ignition Perspective 8.1.21 gateway.

We make project wih Flex Repeater.
We make template with text field with parameters for Flex Repeater instances.
Then we make instances.
Then elements of instances we bind with tags.
This perfect works for us.

If the computer lost network connection, we click menus, I get nothing.
When network connect restores, the instances elements displays default value from template, not data from binding tags. This is big problem.

I have to close perspective application or refresh browser, that instances diplays data from bindings tags not template value. In other way graphs works fine.

Is there any solution that instances elements not display template value after restoring network connection?

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Without more detail of how you setup your components, it is difficult to say for sure but this sounds like it could be related to persistence.

Please check the Persistence settings on your bindings.

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