Perspective dataset / table row limit


I have a SQL db. with 300 + rows (max. 500) and I try to show data to a perspective table but I have a row limitation at 235.

named queries - I get all my data from SQL but it stop shows at 235.

runQuerry - I get all rows but the same thing, it stop show at row 235

*I can analyze all my data correctly so Perspective have my data somewhere on back-end but I’m not able to view it, it’s some kind on ‘visual limitation on 235 rows’. On perspective component ‘table’ I have ‘virtualized’ on false. This behavior it is also on tags, custom variable, named query, query binding etc.

From where I can deactivate row limitation on Perspective?



Hi @Paul.M,

What version to you have ?
in 8.1.16 i’ve no issue with a dataset of 1000 rows and 10 collumns


Hi @De_Clerck_Arnaud

I have Dev Version

If you go to the gateway webpage, under status–> overview
You will there find the version and build number

I will download now 8.1.17 (RC1) from site and try to downgrade or upgrade (don’t know if my version it’s smaller or higher)
This is what I have on gateway - overview


Better to try with 8.1.16 first. 8.1.17 is not officially released yet.

Unfortunately I have the same problem also with 8.1.16

That’s very stange.
Could you reinstall or install a clean version of Ignition (Maybe on a virtual machine). And then test it again.

I’ve you try to take a new table componnent and redo the binding on this new component.


Problem solved, I tested with another SQL db. and worked fine.

So a fast solving… Create a new db.

Thanks for tips @De_Clerck_Arnaud