Perspective Dataset Table Timestamp Format Issue

I am trying to show timestamp in the End_Time column by the last highlighted datetime format, however it only comes up with a different kind of format. I cannot even change this format to any other datetime format from the dropdown menu. Also I do have field set to End_Time.

What is the actual value in the cell?

The incorrect one. [Mon Oct 31 20:25:26 UTC 2022]

Is the actual, literal value of the cell the string [Mon Oct 31 20:25:26 UTC 2022]?

If so, that's why this "isn't working". The date render mode and dateFormat option only apply if the value in the cell is, according to the rest of Perspective, an actual Date. Any given string is not.

What is the source of the data? You may need to coerce it (or simply skip formatting it to a string) to ensure it shows up as a proper Date to the rest of Perspective.

Yes you are right, its getting the value from the tag with String datatype. However, in my code at certain instance I want no value to be displayed at End_Time column, that's why I kept the tag datatype to String . If I kept it to Datetime datatype then if I write 0 to that tag it will return 01/01/1970 00:00:00 which I dont want it to display.

Why write 0 to indicate "no information"? Write null.


Bad idea. Always keep date / time as Datetime datatype and format it at the last moment at the point of display.

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Yes, got it. Thanks guys for all the suggestions. New to coding so just learning as I come across things.