Perspective DataSet to HTML preview in text field?

I’m working on a way to email order info. I would like to send both an attachment and HTML table of the data. I have this working, but was wondering if there is a way to show the HTML table as a preview in a text field, label, etc., in a view?

Not much info to work here but write the html in a memory tag for that part of

and you should be able to decode it for nice looking and bind to a label or table.

I have a view (popup) where the user is going to email someone order info, which is from a table in another view. I pass this data and then convert to HTML so when they email it will be a nice table in the body of the email. My question, how can I show this HTML table in a text box, label, etc., in the view where they create the email? Is it possible? I don’t want to use another table. This isn’t very important, but would be nice to have.

Use the markdown component and enable html.

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