Perspective Date Picker Freezing

I’ve developed a perspective application using the date picker in a popup and when I access the session in chrome everything works as designed but when others in my organization access the view it freezes chrome when they click on the date picker. Has anyone seen this before?

Any thoughts on this?

Are the other users zoomed in? Can you double check the chrome version on their machines?

This sounds similar to an issue we ran into a while back, although that was specific to the designer - but in that case, the issue was diagnosed as a bug in Chrome/Chromium itself, so there wasn’t really anything we could do to fix it.

They are all using the most recent version of Chrome. As of right now I’m the only one that doesn’t have Chrome freeze when I click on the date picker. I don’t think they are zoomed in, why would zooming freeze it?

Not really sure. That was the key to replication of the originally reported bug (which also with datetime inputs): [Bug-12704] DateTime Input cause timeout in preview mode when zooming out

It’s possible that they’re unrelated, but it seems too coincidental to me. We also need to upgrade the version of the open source component library we’re using - it’s possible it was a bug on their side. You could check whether the sandbox examples cause any problems:

Just an update, but it looks like we were able to get it to work in Microsoft Edge. Currently it’s crashing in Chrome.