Perspective DateTime Input Tooltip

How do I get a tooltip to show up on the DateTime Input component? Is there a hidden style feature or do I need to create a compound object as part of a coordinate container within my column container?

In early versions of Perspective some components had tooltip properties and those properties would describe the text to be displayed on hover, but this behavior was inconsistent and could often obscure other components so we removed much of the tooltip functionality. So if you have an early version, you might be in luck and could use the property if the Date Time Input even had one back then.

In newer versions the practice I’ve seen in place would require you to set up you own onHover or onContextClick Event for a component to open a relatively-positioned Popup and handle when the user enters/exits the tooltip Popup or a timed removal of that tooltip Popup.

We are working on a way to provide Tooltips as a Configured Action type in a coming version of Perspective (no expected release timeframe as of right now, sorry).

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