[Perspective] DateTime Picker Dismiss

I’ve noticed the dismissOnSelect property for DateTime pickers has been removed in Ignition 8.1.X.
Is there a straightforward way to dismiss it without playing around with its position.display property?

Two things here:

  1. While I do see documentation that a dismissOnSelect property was added to the DateTime Picker in 8.0.13, I don’t actually see that property existing in 8.0.13, nor 8.0.16.
  2. I don’t know what that property would do for the DateTime Picker because there’s nothing to dismiss, unlike the DateTime Input, where the property both makes sense and does exist.

Do you have a deployment of Ignition where the dismissOnSelect property is present for a DateTime Picker?

I ended up swapping the DateTime Picker with a DateTime Input.
The property was indeed present on a DateTime Picker, but it was probably manually added by the person in charge of that View. The mistake (I suppose) in the documentation for version 8.0 made me doubt my sanity, considering I wasn’t able to find this property in a newly instanced DateTime Picker component.

Thank you for clarifying that out!

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