Perspective DateTime Picker

Hello. I am a new user to Ignition and with Perspective. I am having trouble with the DateTime picker. This form will be used for maintenance rounds, they will enter time click “Save and Continue” go to another page and if they come back to the page I want it to show the value that was Saved. To accomplish this I have bound the DateTime Picker value to Params Saved_Rnd1TankTime. When the “Save and Continue” is clicked the value selected gets saved to the custom session property AF_Rnd1TankTime. So for my test I pick a time save it go to the Report page verify I see the correct value, click back to the Acid Farm button that passes the Params, and on the Acid Farm page I can see that the Params has the correct time saved but he picker doesn’t show the right time value, but if I use the custom session tag the time picker does display the correct time value. This seems to work in preview mode, but not when I launch the URL.I hope the screenshots help illustrate the problem.2020-12-08T15:54:00Z