Perspective: Datetime range for all items on page?

I need help with setting up a view to have two “DateTime Picker” inputs(Start date and End date).

I can set the value to todays date and today - 1. This way the page defaults to showing the last days worth of data. I would like the end user to be able to change these to their specific time frame. When I assign a tag to the datetime picker it always stays current with the datetime not allowing it be updated. I only want to to pull the datetime value at “Page load” so to speak.

The second part I need help with is binding startdate and enddate to all the elements on the page as parameters for the select statements for the SQL query and time Series charts for the tag history.

Any pointers or examples would be great.

Again, thank you for any help.

Then you should use the View onStartup Event to set the value. Select your View node (not the root node), then right-click the View node and select “Configure Events”. Select “onStartup”, and set the initial values in this Event.

There’s no “quick” solution here. Any component you place will require you to configure the necessary binding. If you have deeply nested components, you could set up a custom property on some easy to find node (like the root node) and bind this property to your DateTime Inputs, then bind your other components to the root node custom property, but unless your View has loads of components I wouldn’t think this would help very much.

Is there a place where I can download the demo project? Specifically the History charts? Located here:

I learn better by example and would like to see how this page was made.

Thank you.