Perspective - Detect browser used

I’m on 8.1.1

Is there a way to detect if perspective session run under WORKSTATION or by a different browser?

Good question. My suspicion is that it would show up in the session.device.type property. Since workstation is just a browser wrapped up by an OS application, IA would have needed to explicitly identify that the value should be something different for workstations. So just need IA to confirm that one.

You could easily check, by binding a label on a perspective page to that session property, then open the page in workstation and see if the value is something other than those listed here: Session Properties

session.props.device.type should indeed have a value of “workstation” if the session is using Workstation.
Screen Shot 2021-01-27 at 8.22.32AM

That’s what I get for not being on the latest version yet. Can we get the docs updated on my previous link?

I’ve reached out to the documentation team to get that property updated.

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