Perspective disable right click menu on touchscreen

I am currently developing a Perspective app using Ignition 8.1 and using a Google Chrome on a Phoenix HMI Panel PC (has Windows 10 OS) for the session. One of the pages has a set of buttons used for motor control; hold down to write high to the PLC tag, release to write low to the PLC tag.

If the button is held down for an extended duration, the right click context menu will pop up. I've disabled the NoViewContextMenu flag in the registry editor though this seems to just disable the right click menu for the desktop; no effect on the web browser. Wondering if there is a setting either in Chrome or the Ignition gateway that needs to be changed.

The driver for your touchscreen should have a way to disable it. Contact Phoenix if you aren't able to find it.

  1. Select any component you would like to disable the context menu for.
  2. Right-click those components, and select "Configure Events".
  3. Add a new Script Action.
  4. For the body of the code, supply pass.
  5. Select the "Disable Default" checkbox below the code panel.
  6. Click OK.