Perspective - Disable selection box in Alarm status table


I want to disable this selection box in alarm status table component in perspective.I have checked in properties but it is not there. but in vision we have a property called 'Multi Select'.
Any One Have A Idea Please Provide.

Thanks in advance!.

I'm not sure about how to hide the checkboxes, but single selection mode is achieved with the following prop:

yes. @justinedwards.jle that is i have already seen. but i need to hide this checkbox.

There is no way through configuration properties to remove the selection column. You are only able to do so with CSS rules, applied to either your theme files or the stylesheet.css resource for the project (stylesheet.css resource is only available in versions. >=8.1.22).

CSS rule:

div[data-column-id="select"] {
  display:none !important;

Keep in mind that this rule is applied ALL selection columns in your entire project if applied in stylesheet.css, and your entire Gateway if placed in the theme files. If you need to limit the rule to only a specific table you should use the meta.domId property to assign a unique ID to the table in question and then modify your CSS rule to target only that ID

#yourIdHere div[data-column-id="select"] {
  display:none !important;
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Another option is: