Perspective display

Looking at the picture "1", the picture was drawn using a pipe in the perspective designer.

However, if you look at the picture "2", the lines are all twisted on the web screen.

How can I make it look like picture number 1 on the web?

For reference, MODE in PROPS is set to PERCENT.

I think you need to put some value to the props.aspectRatio and pipes will stay anchored to the elements, try 1:1

Edit: try your width:height.

The aspect ratio will probably need to be width:height, enter your specific values.


Is there a solution to this issue that addresses the issue of using screens with different aspect ratios? The screens on the plant floor are usually 4:3 but managers accessing screen from their web browser have 16:9 monitors.

For P&ID screens, I expect to improve use of extra real estate on wider screens further over time, but as a starting point using one of the provided Perspective templates and setting the menu on left side to minimize to the icon at top left on plant screens while expanding on wider screens helps.

PROPS -> pipes -> 0 -> Are you saying to put height in width or put a number in height?

You should put in props.aspectRatio width:height of your coordinate container.


example aspectRatio : 1280:720


Thank you so much!!

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