Perspective displays differently in different browsers

Hi all,

I am just getting started learning Perspective. I have noticed that label layouts show up differently depending on what browser your in.

This is 4 labels stacked vertically and aligned.



The Firefox view is just like the layout in Perspective. Am I missing something or do I just need to test in both and hit a happy medium?

Thanks, Steven

No matter how much effort you put into developing a web application there will be at least some differences between browsers. These differences are usually minor (like the spacing difference here). You’ll also notice things like small arrow buttons being present in Firefox but not Chrome while using a Numeric Entry Field. We attempt to minimize the differences, but we can’t control everything while still allowing users to customize in any meaningful way.

So you’ll likely want to develop in both, AND you’ll want to have a mobile device because I guarantee your project is going to look even more different when you try to view it on a mobile device.

I am also using the Chrome Development tools with the mobile device simulator. Seems to work well.

Thanks, Steven