Perspective Dock Transparency

I have a strange event happening in my Perspective app. There’s a docked view setup that appears from the bottom of the screen upon tapping anywhere in the middle. While on a desktop computer, this works fine and everything appears normal. On a touchscreen, the docked view’s fields are made transparent to the point of being invisible. I was able to make it a bit more visible by giving the root container a bright white background but it still looks faded and isn’t the most clearly visible screen.
Do docked views inherently cause or receive a transparency effect from the view they’re docked to? Is there a setting or property I can tweak to fix this?

Docked Views (and I believe Popups as well) do indeed have a background-color of “transparent”. You can either provide a background color for the root container of the view or you can modify this setting yourself in the theme files.

I believe putting something like this in globals.css would allow for setting the background of all docked views for the Gateway - just please don’t use the color I supplied:

.docked-view {
    background-color: #00FF00;
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Ah good to know. Thanks for the help!