Perspective Docked view only executes script when loading for the first time

I have a Docked View containing a Menu Tree component. I have a Project script function bound to the “items” property of the Menu Tree. The script generates the JSON to populate the Menu Tree.

When I open a new tab, I get the most up-to-date values in the Menu Tree. When I refresh the page, the data in the Menu Tree stays the same even though the backend data from the script would have changed. In Chrome, when I do a hard reload, it also stays the same.

As a test, I bound the same script to a TextArea component and it had the same behavior as the MenuTree, so it seems docked views don’t trigger bound scripts except when a new session is created?

As another test, I used the same MenuTree view but in the main page. Navigating to another view in the main page and navigating to the Menu Tree view triggers the script to execute and I get updated values. This supports the theory that Docked Views can’t trigger their scripts except on initial load?

Is there another way to trigger the script to update? I’ve thought of using a Gateway Timer Script, but that seems like an unnecessary level of complexity.

I believe the reported issue here is the same that I am seeing?