Perspective doesn't appear in the designer

When I start the designer project does not appear the perspective function and in the gateway the module is running, I try to uninstall and install the module, reset the module, reset the designer, etc
Maybe is a java problem or something like that but I can’t open the perspective designer…

Check the logs in the designer after starting. You can go to Help - Diagnostics, or Tools → Output Console. At the very top there are likely one or more exceptions thrown while the designer attempts to start up Perspective (assuming the module is loaded).

Hello, first of all thanks for the response. This is the log:

It maybe will a java problem?

Thanks a lot!

Scrolling down may have slightly more information, but that screenshot contains the problem:

Do you have access to create new files/directories your local temp directory?

Hi. I am new with Ignition product and just started.
I had same issue. To fix you have to run Designer as Administrator.
I hope it will help you!

Thank you for guide lines!

Yes it works! thanks a lot for your support!
Have a good day!