Perspective double click alarm acknowledgement

I am wanting to add functionality in Perspective that allows me to acknowledge an alarm when double clicked. I have attached a screenshot of how it was done in Vision but have not been able to make it work on Perspective as alarmEvent is not parsed through the script. Is it possible to achieve this functionality in Perspective?

Hi @Cody_Miller,

Your best bet for the moment would be to use the system.alarm.querystatus and make your alarm list by yourself in a table component.
Then you can use the row double click to get the alarm eventid and execute the acknowledgement.

@PGriffith Is there any beter way to do this and is there any extra extension functions to the perspective alarm status foreseen in the next releases ?


I don’t see any way to extract the event ID under the cursor, no. I’m not aware of any plans to add extra extension functions/change the existing ones on the power table. It’d be a good ideas post/feature request, though.


Thanks for your feedback.
I've add this idea to the list


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