Perspective Drawing P&ID Views & Pipes

Has anybody been able to find the best way to draw P&ID type views using piping (with gradient shading) in Persective? The symbol factory has a nice set of 3D piping elements but it is a nightmare to get them the proper size and have the gradients line up from piece to piece. Inkscape was my next thought but I’m stuck on how to use the gradient around a pipe corner or intersection. Finally, alignment of the pieces is also a problem. I’m looking for suggestions…otherwise I’ll just use basic lines(imported from Inkscape of course) in a super fancy new HMI which I’d rather not do. Thanks


Just wanted to jump in and let everyone know that being able to draw pipes between various components in a manner superior to Vision is on our list of features to include this year.


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Thanks for your reply Yousuf. Although I am encouraged by the future features and abilities of Perspective coming down the road in the next year, I am looking for a short term work around so that I can use Perspective at a plant site in July. Anything helpful would be appreciated!

Hi Yousuf,

What about piping in Perspective… we have a lot of customers waiting for this function (with responsible support) in water industry…

Thanks for the update.


Piping is actively being worked on. There isn’t a time frame for this feature though as there is a lot involved. Sorry I don’t have a better time frame :frowning_face:

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This feature is months away. It could be 1 month, 4 months, or something in between. We have a functional proof of concept, but there are still many things that need to be worked out. Like, @jcoffman said, it’s actively being worked on. Hopefully you’ll be building P&ID’s before you know it. :slight_smile: We appreciate your patience.


In the meantime though, from what I’ve read on here, most people (myself included) are just using Labels with borders set. They’re not ideal in terms of developing with, but they do look nice and you can add a small border radius to make them look nicer. You can’t apply a pipe gradient to it, but any HMI standard (E.g. ASM, HPHMI, etc.) will tell you not to do that anyway, so it’s perfect for now