Perspective drawing tips


Is the drawing all one image that you import?

Or how did you draw the wires with a chamfer?

Are the I/O lights reading tags?

Also, I am toggling my drawing tools on and off, but they are not appearing on my designer screen.
Version 8.1.19

Looks like labels with CSS borders.

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Perspective doesn't have "drawing tools" yet. Or at least not in that version. They are coming.

I suspect that the majority of that is a single image, anything that would need animation is most likely an SVG of some sort. But obviously, @nader.chinichian is the best one to answer what method he used.

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It is combination of both.
The Leds is target by pyrhon code in svg elements to make thme dynamic. If I wanrt to use embedded view for LED is effect perfromance a lot.

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I thought drawing tools were coming in v8.3? He's on v8.19 :hushed: maybe it's an ultra exclusive closed alpha release? Or he's from the future...

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ah sorry, 8.1.19 I meant.