Perspective DropDown – add new value by editing selected value

I want to set the selected item in the dropdown and start editing selected item, but as soon as I start typing it will replace selected item with characters which I am typing instead of adding these characters at the end of selected item.
My goal is to edit selected item by modifying selected item (using backspace) and/or insert new characters typing at cursor’s current position. And then with some button script add new element to DropDown list (options list).

I don’t think that’s an option. The dropdown’s overtyping behaviour is a little unusual and I’ve never come across one that behaves in the same way in any other application. It’s probably a function of it’s combined search and “create new” capability.

Yeah ive been trying to do that too,
but it didnt work immediately so i moved on to something else for now.

What i was thinking is trying to use onkey events to copy the value, so it can be edited.
But not sure if its that easy, getting the cursor position is also going to be a pain:/

Let me know if you find a work around xd