Perspective dropdown alarm priority

Hello everyone,
I’m currently trying to make a dropdown selection to change the alarm priority in perspective
I created a dropdown and connected its value to a script

if len(value)>0:
	#Get tag alarms 
	alarms = system.tag.browse(value + '/Alarms')
	#Get path to last element which is our alarm
	alarm = alarms[len(alarms) - 1]['fullPath']
	#Read priority of this alarm
	priority = system.tag.readBlocking([str(alarm) + '.Priority'])[0]
	return priority
return 'High'

The value here is path to tag
Then I created an onSelect event and added a script like this

if self.view.params.path and self.props.value:
	#Get tag alarms 
	alarms = system.tag.browse(self.view.params.path+'/Alarms')
	#Get name of last element which is our alarm
	alarmName = alarms[len(alarms)-1]['name']
	#Write new priority from current dropdown value

and the priority is changing but all the other alarm params are cleared (label, setpoint, etc.)

Have you any solution for this? Is there any more elegant way to do it?