Perspective Dropdown component in embedded view in table cell acts oddly

So I have a perspective table with an embedded view in one of the columns that has a dropdown in it. When the table renders the first time the dropdown shows up correctly and I can select items, but once I commit my selection the dropdown grays out and if I click it again the whole cell turns into a text entry box. I cannot get the dropdown back unless I completely reload the view.

render is set to view and I’ve tried both editable set to true and false. No difference.

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

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Any chance you could supply the View which houses the Dropdown? I don’t need the whole Table - I just need the View which has the Dropdown. I also need to know what version you’re using.

@cmallonee FYI I had a ticket into support on this and it has been sort of fixed in 8.1.1.

Reference ticket 121887

When I mean sort of fixed the interaction isn’t a smooth as doing something similar in Vision, and when the data in the dropdown list view is updated, even with parameters set to output the data doesn’t bubble back up to the table to generate the editCommit event. I got around it by using messages.

Thanks - I’ve emailed the view to cmallonee directly as I cannot post it publicly and the event driven work-around is what I was considering, this confirms that that is the path I will have to take.

I’ve received nothing. Please use the direct messaging options present in the forum:

Screen Shot 2020-11-11 at 8.42.12AM

If you click a user, you should see a messaging option. Also, @adam.todorski: you still haven’t clarified what version you’re using.

Update: The email literally arrived as I posted that I hadn’t received it.

Understood on the DM feature, I’ll use that in the future. This is on version 8.0.16.

I’ve verified that the dropdown is indeed working as expected in 8.1.1, in that I can select values and those values are correctly displayed in the Dropdown.

Depending on how the table data is supplied, this might be expected. For example: suppose you have bound to a Tag or Named Query. The params of the dropdown View would be supplied form that query, then modified by the dropdown and sent back, only to be overwritten by the binding. I do think that messaging is probably a good idea here. Or maybe even an onChange Script.

This is not going to work with a Dropdown. the onEditCellCommit is when you are directly interacting with a table cell - NOT a rendered View. Rendering Views in a table changes the cells of the column from a direct-access-to-data display to a display where you are managing the content on your own. When you do this you lose all access to the onEdit events for the column.

Thanks @cmallonee! I’ll give it a try on 8.1.1 when that’s out.

Yeah I completely understand and agree… I just wish it was a little more straightforward to use similar to the Vision table. Just my 2 cents. :smiley:
Appreciate all your help and insight on this stuff as we learn it.

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