Perspective dropdown component schema

The dropdown component seems to have only 2 defined schemas, label and value. This causes error in designer when adding > 2.

Is there a way to add schema get rid of the error?

Don't add other keys.

Use the value as an object and add whatever you want in there.

value = {”lic_plate":"licplate",

What are you trying to do ?

If you need to carry other information (other query columns, etc), use a custom property. Make your original binding (with extra info) there. On the dropdown, bind to that custom property and use a transform to deliver just label and value. The selected index of the dropdown can then be used to retrieve the other information from correct row of the complete query results.

Thanks to both Deon and Pturmel.

Deon solution is closest to what I have, takes less editing. I also like Pturmel idea, I think its more practical for larger values.