Perspective Dropdown component seems to lock up when clicked on while disabled

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I’m coming across a strange issue in Perspective when using the Dropdown Component. I have the Enabled property dynamically bound to a view parameter. When it’s disabled and I click on it, I’ll get the below error message on the console:

“components.common.Dropdown: Incorrect selector syntax provided when attempting to find DIV.[tabindex=“0”][style=”"]"

Once that occurs, even if I enable it again, the dropdown no longer functions correctly. clicking on it does nothing and I’m not sure why. Has anyone else had this issue before? Is there anything I should be looking at specifically to debug this issue?

Problem confirmed on 8.1.13.

Dropdown disable recovery

This looks to be fixed in 8.1.15:

Disabling a Dropdown Component when the dropdown is active will no longer result in the dropdown becoming unusable when it becomes no longer disabled.

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Fix confirmed on 8.1.16.

Dropdown disable recovery fix