Perspective Dropdown Enter/Tab to select

When using a dropdown in Perspective, I have search enabled and matching set to any so the user can search for an option from the dropdown. If the user is left with one option showing at the end, is it possible for them to be able to hit enter or tab on their computer to move on to the next onscreen component and it selects that value that was showing? When using a form online, I will sometimes be able to navigate the whole thing without touching the mouse by just using tab/enter throughout which seems like the more user-friendly option than requiring them to click on the option.


I do not know the answer to your question. But I will note that most end users aren’t as savy for that kind of thing.

Hi @MattEbert94 welcome to the community.

You can use .focus() for requesting a components focus. See here: Perspective Request Focus in Window - #3 by cmallonee

You might have to add some scripting to do some actions based on Enter or Tab, and then you can .focus() in your script to achieve your goal.

You can’t use tab because that will actually change the focus to another component, but you CAN use the arrow keys to select the option and then hit Enter to select it.

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Not sure how I missed this as an option when testing, but that works for me! Thanks!

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