Perspective Dropdown list with Popup windows

Hello, I want to create in Perspective a dropdown list and when I select an option , a popup window to open.In vision I used dataset as shown in the picture. Is there any way to make this list in Perspective?

You should modify the option for each entry to include your path attribute. You should then add a change script to Dropdown.props.value with the following code:

if currentValue and currentValue.value.path:  # the second bit will skip over your "Select Cam" option.
    system.perspective.openPopup("SomeUniqueID", currentValue.value.path)

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Thank you for your answer.So I added the path from the view I want to open as a PopUp window and I added the change script as well ,but I cannot understand how to create the SomeUniqueID value from the script below and how it is connected with the view :

if currentValue and currentValue.value.path:
system.perspective.openPopup(“SomeUniqueID”, currentValue.value.path)


The ID isnot connected to the view
Its for the popup, only one popup with the same id can be open, the id is mainly used to close the popup again.