Perspective dropdown string values are enclosed in quotation marks

I am trying to make a dropdown selector which will be bi-directionally bound to a UDT parameter, which is a string type. I have the binding set up, and I have 5 options in my list as follows:

value: Apples
label: Apples

value: Bananas
label: Bananas

value: Oranges
label: Oranges

…and so on.

At runtime, when I select Bananas from the list, the tag property updates, but not to Bananas - to “Bananas” (there are quotation marks automatically added).

In addition, the dropdown selector goes back to the placeholder “Select…” text after writing the parameter. Initially I thought this was simply because there is no matching item in the list for “Bananas”, only for Bananas. However, even after removing the quotation marks from the tag parameter value manually, the dropdown selector does not update.

How can I prevent the quotation marks from being added, and how can I force the dropdown to correctly display the parameter value after setting it?

There was/is a bug with bi-directionally bound string tags and properties:

You probably just need to upgrade or make the binding not bi-directional and update the source on a datachange script.

Thanks, at least I know I’m not missing something simple!