Perspective dynamic table name query

I have a component in a view that I mean to duplicate for each machine name which have their own corresponding tables.
I have a specific machine named query:
SELECT passfail FROM BootAssemblyGS158 WHERE barcode = :barcode
But I cannot bind a property value to differing named queries, that I know of so I made a more generic named query:

This one, however, does always returns the fallback value. So I am thinking that variable table names is not a workable idea here unless I am missing something in the code.
How should I go about binding components in views to different tables depending on the indirection needed?

Table names and column names and schema names are not data, as far as JDBC is concerned, and therefore cannot be delivered by a Value parameter. In exactly the same way and for exactly the same reason that you cannot use ‘?’ parameters for them in scripted .*Prep* queries. You must use a QueryString parameter instead, with curly brace substitution.

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Thank you Phil.