Perspective dynamic URL and startup script

I’ve had issue with using a dynamic URL to put in a parameter into a page.

Essentially this dynamic values are used to load the correct Embedded views. We then use a startup script to adjust other values such as some parameters etc.

However if I navigate between these dynamic URLs through the navigation menu the startup script doesn’t appear to run. I’m guessing because the view is already loaded and ignition is just changing these parameters, but is there a way to force this startup script each time, I’d rather not make a separate view for each of these instances.

you could run the script on the viewparam change instead of on startup

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Was hoping to avoid it as we have several different parameters so I’d need to go back and make a script for each one.

But I guess that will be the only work around for now

Just create a custom prop with a structured property binding and add all of you params into there, then when any one of them change, Toggle the value of the custom prop and put your script on its on change event

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