Perspective - Dynamic View Repeater height

I have a Row Flex View which has 2 components: a label and anther row flex which has icons in it. This View is set to Wrap so that if it’s too narrow, the label sits on top and the icons sit below the label.

I have this View used in a Flex repeater based on a query. I don’t know how to get the flex repeater to dynamically change the height of the rows when the template View wraps around and should now be taller than it was?

Not wrapped:


I’ve tried changing useDefaultHeight and setting the elementPosition.basis to auto, but the height isn’t dynamic. Setting the basis to auto increases the height of the row but for both wapped and not wrapped

Did you try unchecking useDefaultHeight and setting basis to Auto?

Also did you put basis to Auto of Flex Repeater component so I think you should also have basis property for each elements you are adding inside repeater. Try setting that to Auto as well

add in elementPosition.grow = 1 aswell

I probably should have mentioned, I have tried a number of different settings, including elementPosition grow = 1 shrink = 1. useDefaultHeight = auto gives a warning and doesn’t appears to act as if set to false.

Actually, I noticed that I had wrap on the flex repeater, turned it off and it’s working :slight_smile:

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have you set the flex repeater itself to grow aswell?

I thought the same but as basis is already Auto it should work.

glad it worked!

Now the only issue is that it doesn’t quite look how I imagined it, haha

how do you want it to look?xd

Haha, now that is the question isn’t it…

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Aiee i see xd