Perspective- Edge not loading page

Version 8.0.6

I ran into a difference between browsers on my project so decided to check my project in Edge as well, but the project ends up loading just a blank page(see below). The loading screen appears, runs through its steps, then it just goes to this white screen. Any ideas?

Looking in dev tools, I have the following errors.

Under Network:

Under Console:

Hmm, your Perspective module is up to date? Have you ever used any nightly builds? You could try uninstalling and reinstalling the Perspective module (won’t affect any resources you’ve created, but definitely back up beforehand just in case).

I’ve used a few various nightly builds on this project. I’ll try the uninstall method and see if anything works.

Reinstalling the perspective module, followed by a gateway restart, and I still have the same issue.

Hmm, I’m out of my depth; I’ll ring some alarm bells and see if anyone else has a useful question to ask.

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What version is your Edge install? Do you have any other machines/browsers to test?

I’ve tested Firefox and Chrome on this machine and others, both work fine.

This instance of Edge is Microsoft Edge 38.14393.2068.0.

I’ll try and get a couple other people to test it and report back.

Also worth trying to update Edge (not sure the process for that, exactly) - it looks like 38.x is pretty ancient by browser standards.

Yeah just noticed that when the first computer I managed to test was 44.x. Which did work, so it might be a browser issue

Trying to find out how to update. Windows doesn’t show any pending updates :confused:

In our testing with Microsoft Edge, we have found that Perspective has issues with any version below Edge version 42. With version 38 being from 2016, there are a lot of things that Microsoft has added to the product to make it more compatible with HTML5 applications. Is it possible to check this on a newer version of Microsoft Edge?



I’m going to go with that as the solution.

I’ve tried it on a few other machines and haven’t had issues. So once I can convince windows to install an update I’ll be good.

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