Perspective Embedded View Parameters Do Not Update

Platform - Perspective
Version - 8.1.11

I have created several views that depict specific pieces of equipment in a folder named “Templates” so that I can embed these views on the main view similar to how this was done in Vision. What I have noticed, is that if I change or add a parameter under “PARAMS” for a template view, those changes are not reflected on the views that are already embedded. I have tried to change the path of the embedded view to a different template view and then go back as well as saving and closing the designer all together, but the newly modified PARAMS are not reflected on any existing embedded views. The new PARAMS only show up if I drag a new instance onto my main view. This is obviously not ideal, since it means anytime I make a change to the parameters of an embedded view, I have to delete all existing instances and recreate them. Is this a bug, or does this need to be added as a feature request? Thanks.


You can click on the sync params link.
Collapse params and if you hover over the + it should show up.

@jpark, thanks for the quick reply. This is certainly better than deleting/re-embedding the view to bring in the new params, but this still leaves me having to select each embedded view component and click the “+” next to params and click “Sync Params”. I wonder why it does not automatically push the param changes to the embedded instances the same way it does if I make a different change to the view. If I change an image in my Template view, all embedded instances of that view are automatically updated with that change. That is the whole reason behind creating one “Template” view so that If I have to make a change, I can just change it once instead of tens or hundreds of times. Thanks again for the “Sync Params” suggestion, that definitely helps. :slight_smile:

@Kevin.Herron do you have any input on this?

there are a bunch of reasons here

@victordcq, I searched everywhere for a related post, and somehow missed this one. Thanks for posting this. The only issue I see with this, is that it looks like we still have to select each instance and then add the params that we need. It would be nice if there was an option from the template view to “Push” the parameter updates to all existing instances.

If you’re using the default values, then there is no need to modify the existing templates; you should only need to locate usages and add param values for usages which will not use the default value.

Suppose you create a “template” with only one param: keyOne. You place this template into many many views. Later, you add a new param to the template View: keyTwo. This new param has a default value of 0. ALL previous usages of this template will now (behind-the-scenes) have keyTwo, and will use the default value of 0, even if you don’t see the value present in the property editor. The only reason you need to add keyTwo to any existing usage of your template is if you want to use a value other than 0.

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@cmallonee thank you for the response. I did not realize that the parameter default value was being applied to all instances even though the parameter did not show up in the property editor. I should have paid a little more attention, but I got hung up on the fact that it was “missing”. I can see that it isn’t THAT much more work to manually add the parameter to the property editor if you are planning to edit the default value anyway, so I will mark this as the solution. Thanks again.

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