Perspective Equipment Schedule progress bar and track colour


I'm pretty sure that this won't be possible, but I will ask anyway.

I have a schedule in which the majority of events do not have any progress to track, and the events that do, are binary (done/not done). The background colour of the event is dependent on the event type. Red events need tracked. Other colours do not.

Is there a way to either:

  • enable/disable the progress bar for individual events
  • or
  • make the track colour the same as the background colour of the event
  • Events currently look like this. With white as not done and green as done.

    Yellow and blue events far outnumber red events and do not require any tracking. I find the track color to be visually disruptive and confusing.

    It would be perfect for me if i could get it to look like this instead.

    If this is not possible, do you think that there is any other way i could flag the red events as done? Other than changing the background colour as this needs to stay red. Would there be some way to emulate the border like on the selected event?


    Never mind. Sorted it.

    Added a border in the style for each event type.

    Dashed white border for open

    solid green border for closed.

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