Perspective equipment schedule scheduledEvents style

Hi, I have an equipment schedule and the scheduledEvents are bound to a SQL query. The events are showing in the schedule as expected, so I am now trying to apply some style to the events.

I have created a style class for each type of event. I assumed that the way to do it would be to add a column named 'style' which contained the path to the required style class. this didn't work. I looked in the documentation and seen that the style requires an object rather than a value.

I have tried a few different ways of doing this, but I can't get it working.

Can anyone point me in the right direction with this please?


How did you wrote it?

Never tried, but based on component style, I would say:

style = { 'classes': 'yourClass' }

Thanks for your reply calimero.

I am running a select query in a script off a button. The query returns the following dataset which is saved to a custom session property, which in turn is bound to the scheduledEvents of the equipment schedule.

I've tried different variations of the text returned in the style column, but none of them work. I get the following error:

15:30:10.537 [Browser Thread: e3dbea70-bdc3-4484-8643-fed213210794] ERROR Perspective.Designer.Workspace - level: LEVEL_ERROR
message: "TypeError: Failed to set an indexed property on \'CSSStyleDeclaration\': Indexed property setter is not supported."
line_number: 125
source: "http://pappapp046-08gb:8088/res/perspective/js/react-dom-16.14.0.js" 

Not sure what to try next. I think I have seen something about transforms, but I've never used this before so not sure how that would work either.

You are already in style column, so remove "style = " from the value

I've tried a few different variations, with braces, without, different quotes. None seem to work.

style attempts

I think today, I will remove the style column and have a go at a script transform.

Got it done with a script transform. Changing the dataset to json format and adding style based on the value of the label.

def transform(self, value, quality, timestamp):
	#set styles
	daysStyle = {"classes":"calendarEventStyles/dayShift"}
	holidayStyle = {"classes":"calendarEventStyles/holiday"}
	berStyle = {"classes":"calendarEventStyles/bereavement"}
	dbStyle = {"classes":"calendarEventStyles/darkBlue"}
	lbStyle = {"classes":"calendarEventStyles/lightBlue"}
	offWithPayStyle = {"classes":"calendarEventStyles/offWithPay"}
	trainingStyle = {"classes":"calendarEventStyles/training"}
	yellowStyle = {"classes":"calendarEventStyles/yellow"}
	defaultStyle = {"classes":"calendarEventStyles/default"}
	# create empty json
	outputJson = []
	# loop through dataset rows
	for row in range(value.getRowCount()):
		# define object
		rowObject = {}
		rowStyle = {}
		# loop through columns and add to rowObject
		for col in range(value.getColumnCount()):
			colName = value.getColumnName(col)
			colVal = value.getValueAt(row,col)
			rowObject[colName] = colVal
			#check value in label column and use it to set style
			if value.getColumnName(col) == 'label':
				if value.getValueAt(row,col) in ("H4","H6","H8","H12","BH"):
					rowStyle = holidayStyle
				elif value.getValueAt(row,col) in ("SC(12-18)","SC(14-18)","SC(14-22)","SC(6-18)"):
					rowStyle = yellowStyle
				elif value.getValueAt(row,col) in ("SC(18-6)","SC(22-2)","SC(22-6)"):
					rowStyle = dbStyle
				elif value.getValueAt(row,col) in ("SC(6-14)","SC(6-12)","SC(6-10)"):
					rowStyle = lbStyle
				elif value.getValueAt(row,col) in ("BER"):
					rowStyle = berStyle
				elif value.getValueAt(row,col) in ("DOP"):
					rowStyle = offWithPayStyle
				elif value.getValueAt(row,col) in ("T/C"):
					rowStyle = trainingStyle
				elif value.getValueAt(row,col) in ("DAYS"):
					rowStyle = daysStyle
					rowStyle = defaultStyle
			# set the style
			rowObject['style'] = rowStyle
		#add row to json
	return outputJson