Perspective - Error writing to a params


I got randomly an error witing to tag on page load and I try to get witch tag got that error, I have many embedded views and I think that a binding try to write to a tag before the embeded view wase entirely loaded.

How I can know where that error occurs ?

Based on some of our automated testing code, I suspect you’re actually trying to write to a tag named “enabled”.

This formatted error code is what leads me to that conclusion (where in your case _KNOWN_TAG happens to be “enabled”):


The thing is that all “enabled” tags that I use are configured as readonly, so I can’t figured out which one can gives that error. Also it’s a randomly issue and occured only on page load. Is there a way to get the full path of the tag?

I have many parameters named “enabled”, can it be a parameters issue? If yes, how can I know wich one cause that issue?


You’ll need to use the Find/Replace tool in the Designer menu to search for “enabled”. To be clear, you’re not writing to an enabled tag - you’re writing to a tag named “enabled”.

If this is only during startup of a certain page/view, you should check the onStartup script of that resource. If it happens for multiple pages, you should check the more generic Page onStartup script present in the Session Events area.