Perspective event with Tree component

Hello, I am using the Tree component in perspective.
I want to click on one of the buttons in the Tree component to enable a light by using the Events. However, In a tree component, there are many buttons, how can I specify the button in Event? Because right now I am using onClick, so I click on anywhere the tree component the light will enable. Should I use onClick or onContexMenu? Thanks

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Use the onItemClicked Event. This Event type provides access to the itemPath and label of the item which was clicked.

Hello, can you give an example of using the onitemclicked? I haven’t found any description of how to use it. I primarily looking for how to address a specific button on the Tree. Thanks!

onItemClicked should almost always be used with a Script Action.

I have my Event configured like this:

My View looks like this:

If I click “LightOn”:

if I click “LightOff”:

In this example, the tree is very simple and so there is no risk of repeated label text. In the event your tree is more complicated, I recommend using the itemPath property available to you as part of the Event. The itemPath contains a list of the indices which lead to the selected item.

In my example if I were to click the “LightOff” item, I would receive an itemPath value of [0, 0, 1] because “LightOff” is the one-eth item found within the zeroeth item, within the zeroeth item. The list translates like this:

0    |    Item 1
0    |    Lights
1    |    LightOff


I got it works, thank you!

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