Perspective - ExecutionQueue issue

Since I upgrade to 8.1.22

Any chance you can restart the gateway with this additional parameter added and then post the logs with the full stack trace?

Thanks, I created a bug ticket for this.

Maybe someone from the Perspective team will chime in later with a hint about why this is happening and whether there is a workaround.

There are too many places which reference the property tree to narrow this down without an idea of what's being used while the error is occurring. It's a binding somewhere, but the stacktrace provides no insight into the originating resource. I can't even tell if it's a pure binding or perhaps a transform.

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience, this is a complex view with a lot of pure bindings and transforms, but I finally found the sources of this problem.

Could we get a copy of the View? Replication always improves the speed with which issues get fixed. (26.4 KB)

Which version did you upgrade from?

I was on 8.1.20

Thanks, that's useful info for us... There were some changes in 8.1.21 that might be the culprit here. If you did not experience this issue on 8.1.20, then experienced it on 8.1.22, that's more evidence pointing at those changes that we can look into...


Thanks for letting us know. What did you discover to be the source of this problem? Was it a particular binding on the view that you've provided? Was it just not configured properly? The primary pathway that is resulting in the NPE existed before 8.1.20, so this is why I am asking. Are we certain you were not seeing this on 8.1.20? Does the NPE eventually go away?

I've haven't had any luck replicating the problem with the view you've provided, is there something I'm missing?


Just wanted to say that we ended up figuring this out, turns out it's pretty straight-forward after all. This NPE happens if you have bidirectional property bindings set up pointing at property paths that can't be resolved. We'll get this fixed in the next release, but you can safely ignore the error, it's not anything to be too concerned about.